In times of distress, people often turn to their churches for guidance. Churches get involved with helping their members in many ways. Sometimes family members may approach their church to ask for help with a loved one. A person may ask the church for help for themselves. Pastoral counseling might bring a behavioral health or substance abuse problem to light. 

However the church gets involved, Union Workforce Initiative by Psyclarity Health can help. We understand just how important faith is in identifying the problem, and importantly, finding and helping with the resolution. 

If an individual requires a treatment program grounded in faith, we have faith-based programs available.

Staging an Intervention

Often, a person will deny that they have a problem, and may resist getting help. This is a very common response in addiction and behavioral health matters. We can help with organizing and staging an intervention in order to convince the person to get the help they need. 

Before the intervention takes place, we will teach those who plan to participate– often the pastoral counselor, family members, friends, and/or fellow congregation members – how to stage the intervention and confront the person in a loving but direct manner. The intervention is set up to offer evidence of the problem and its consequences to the person in order to break through to them, and motivate them to accept help. We will assist in placing the person in a treatment program immediately after the intervention.

Placement in a Treatment Program

Whether for behavioral health or addiction problems, we provide education on treatment and recommend a suitable course of inpatient or outpatient care. We recommend service providers for this care based on the client’s needs, circumstances, and the resources available. If the individual prefers to attend a program that is based on their religious beliefs, we will guide them to a suitable faith-based program.

Compassionate Case Management

Compassionate case supervision is an important part of our services, and we closely monitor both the clinical care and the client’s progress. We also offer job protective services on request. Once inpatient treatment is completed, the client requires an aftercare plan, often involving outpatient therapy and ongoing support. We will assist with the development, implementation, and ongoing monitoring of that plan. The pastor and any other congregants who are involved in the plan will be consulted and notified.

Training and Consultation

We aim to support the church in their efforts to help their congregation members. We provide educational services to clergy and lay staff who minister to church members. Topics included in the educational services are:

– Identifying substance abuse, addiction, and other behavioral health problems
– Approaching the struggling person and/or staging an intervention
– Providing support and guidance for the family
– Help pastors develop church-based outreach programs
– Faith-based treatment programs are both medically based and ministry based


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The Union Workforce Initiative is for educational, training, and awareness purposes only. This is not an Employee Assistance Program. We help build awareness within the workforces of employer/employee assistance professionals, substance abuse professionals, nurses, doctors, and other educational professionals.