Medical Advocacy

Millions of Americans suffer from stress-related behavioral health issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and addiction. 

Many people are unaware of their rights when facing repercussions for their behavior that results from their substance abuse or mental illness issues.

You need to know that there are laws that protect you and your job when you seek treatment for addiction and mental illness.

There are federal and state laws in place to ensure that union members aren’t discriminated against due to a medical disability. 

At Union Workforce Initiative by Psyclarity Health, our goal is to make sure that union members and labor leaders know their rights and how to best advocate and protect their income and jobs. 

We understand that job protection is just as important as getting help for addiction and mental illness.

We are here to guide and help you and make sure you know your rights and that your job is safe while you receive treatment.


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The Union Workforce Initiative is for educational, training, and awareness purposes only. This is not an Employee Assistance Program. We help build awareness within the workforces of employer/employee assistance professionals, substance abuse professionals, nurses, doctors, and other educational professionals.