Terry, CEAP, began his career as a union electrician in the Midwest. After overcoming his own battle with addiction, Terry transitioned to the field of behavioral health in 1990. 

For nearly 30 years as a Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) and crisis counselor, Terry has protected the jobs of thousands of union members throughout the country.

An innovator in his field, Terry has gained a reputation for leveraging the most recent state and federal laws to aid members in job protection.

Not a week goes by that Terry doesn’t receive a call from a former client expressing their admiration, gratitude, and support for Terry’s work. “You saved my life,” is a frequent line that Terry hears.

Terry now serves as the Director of Educational Affairs for Union Workforce Initiative, an educational organization designed to help educate employees and union members on how to best obtain the help they need during their struggles.

Terry provides specific trainings focused on identifying substance abuse and behavioral health issues within the workplace or personal lives.


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The Union Workforce Initiative is for educational, training, and awareness purposes only. This is not an Employee Assistance Program. We help build awareness within the workforces of employer/employee assistance professionals, substance abuse professionals, nurses, doctors, and other educational professionals.