Treatment Placement

Our highly-skilled, compassionate team is able to assess the unique needs of the individual, identify signs and symptoms of behavioral health issues, recommend the right type of treatment – whether inpatient or outpatient – and facilitate placement in a suitable facility. 

Above all else, we ensure the individual’s job is protected throughout the treatment process. 

As part of the process, we arrange doctor’s letters, FMLA, and short-term disability coverage. We act as the liaison between the individual and their employer when there is a leave of absence. 

This is how we save thousands of jobs and lives. It’s what we do, and why we do it.

Figuring out where to go to get help for someone struggling with addiction is tough. It’s even tougher when you need to find help for yourself. 

Union Workforce Initiative by Psyclarity Health is here to help you find the right level of care, whether inpatient or outpatient treatment, for addiction or mental illness. 

We use some of the best facilities in the country to offer life-changing treatment services to our members and their families.

Yes, AND their families – it is important to remember that we also provide services to the immediate family of Union members.

Do you need help now? Call us 24/7. All calls are confidential, and all services are at no cost to you.

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The Union Workforce Initiative is for educational, training, and awareness purposes only. This is not an Employee Assistance Program. We help build awareness within the workforces of employer/employee assistance professionals, substance abuse professionals, nurses, doctors, and other educational professionals.